About Me

I began my career in Chicago as an advertising studio manager. This position provided diverse experience in everything from Art Direction to Account Management. As manager, I oversaw projects from design, all the way to print. This position allowed me to define and refine my passion: marketing. The strategy involved in the campaigns I worked on excited me enough to cause me to return to school to finish my degree in marketing.

DB Marketing Fusion "fuses" the traditional marketing strategy with the current marketing trends and technologies. That's why we feature the "&" in all of our materials; the best solution varies from client to client, but is never comprised of just one solution. The best solution for your business may not be “just a website“, but a well-thought out site combined with PR. PR is useless without linking it to "Social Media". Social Media is useless without a well-planned marketing strategy.

DB Marketing Fusion takes traditional ad agency design and marketing savvy and brings it to each of the projects we are involved in. We are passionately committed to each client's success, and our promise is to apply the best marketing strategies—and talent—to achieve unique, personalized solutions for your business. Our commitment to each client is to personally attend to the detail of marketing; using online (and offline) strategies that help ensure quality lead generation.

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